Distance recharge the game
Clash Royale's case, probably because of the design that are more MOBA declared this game will become a mobile eSports. But there Clash Royale CCG gameplay cards. Hearthstone can take as an example when it is cross-platform games have found their way in the development of eSports community through tactical features, build the deck entirely dependent on the player.


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May lose right from the beginning to play
eSports focused on skills of the player and it does not focus on whether the player can upgrade their characters quickly or not. This is quite similar to Hearthstone for this post card is arguably better than the other cards. But in Clash Royale, you will risk losing right from the start by your opponent owns a higher level, ie stronger tower. Not to mention the individual skills of players purchasing card accounts and higher upgrade will create a significant advantage since not to match.

Take a long time and have to wait longer
In Hearthstone, you buy a pack of cards and can be opened immediately. You immediately adjusted your deck to join the battle immediately. In Clash Royale game is different cards, you can use the gems to open the chest or wait for a few hours. This makes the players Clash Royale takes a long time to have a new tactic that must depend on the cards are.

Reduced inherent competitive eSports
These methods do not make money by Clash Royale really attractive eSports players. It makes people not want to pay reduced inherent competitive spirit of category eSports. And you think about when only 3% of the players recharge, the Clash Royale has lost a large amount of potential players compete. Instead to become an eSports friendly game, just let the system Supercell award chest completely, donated gold to the winner. This will help this game compete with Hearthstone.

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